Easily monitor any Cloud Server or Instance using CloudStats.

Easily monitor any Cloud Server or Instance using CloudStats.

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24 Hour Data Retention
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Monitoring Features

It's really easy to monitor Servers and Websites with CloudStats.

Resource Monitoring

Monitor all resources of any Linux and Windows based Cloud or Dedicated server

Website Monitoring

Monitor and URL, including SSL expiry dates and get alerts if something happens

Server Backups

Backup your servers to Amazon S3 or Local storage all via CloudStats
Premium Feature

Process Monitoring

View exactly which processes are consuming resources on your server
Premium Feature

User Permissions

Add your System Administrators and Co-Founders with correct permissions to be able to view the stats
Premium Feature

Custom Alerts

Configure Alerts to suit your needs and send them to correct person on your team
Premium Feature


Frequent Questions

Ask us in chat if you cannot find answer here.

What is CloudStats?

CloudStats is a Website and Server Monitoring platform capable of monitoring Linux and Windows based servers.

How does CloudStats work?

CloudStats works by installing an Agent on your server which collects and sends data to monitoring platform every minute.

Is it safe to use CloudStats?

Yes, the Agent uses a secure SSL connections to send all data safely to monitoring system.

Which Ports do I need to open for Agent?

You need to open Ports 443 and 80 for agent connections. Port 443 is used for data transmission and port 80 is used for Pings and Keepalive requests.

Is CloudStats completely Free?

CloudStats has both a Free and a Paid version. Free version includes a 24 hour data retention and basic alerts. Paid version includes 30 day data retention, advanced alerts and additional features.

How do I activate CloudStats?

In order to activate CloudStats you need to Signup and install CloudStats Agent on your server. If it is Linux – then via SSH. If it is Windows – then by downloading our agent installer.

CloudStats Reviews

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  • Really simple to setup. I now have a complete dashboard to check my server health and usage. Great tool!

    thumb Mariano Brolio

    I just signed up CloudStats and added IP monitors to it. It seem that finally I got that piece of technology which is going to give a total peace of mind. Totally I am running five Linux based servers and uncountable IPs to monitor and CloudStats going to be my final destination. Thank you Team.

    thumb Kamran Mahmood

    Nice features you have here:)

    thumb Daniel Sălăgean

    Great server monitoring tool 🙂

    thumb Faardeen Madarbokas

    Easy to use and price is reasonable

    thumb Sodsada Keoouthay

    Easy setup, quick integration. I’m impressed by how great the service and so cheap.

    thumb Nickk
  • I now have a complete dashboard to check my server health and usage. Great tool!

    thumb သား ငယ္

    Super easy to install yet robust monitoring service. Premium service include nice options like backup service and basically cover all common server management.

    thumb Egor Solominov

    Nice UI/UX Fast and easy setup!

    thumb Denis Yakimchuk

    Very easy interface, installation is one command line in Ubuntu ! Worked the first time with no issue. All the stat has been added automaticly, and it can even monitor by default basic services ! Alert are sent by group ! this is perfect option ! Users can be added and can be managed with ease to access differents stats. I really recommend this product for everyone looking for a very nice interface and easy monitoring system to install and use ! take very minimal cpu and memory on servers !

    thumb Mahdi Marmouz

    wow such a amazing tools.

    thumb Özil

    Good service. Thank you fro your service.

    thumb Md Mehedi